Best 6 Passenger Vehicles

When it comes to choosing a car, almost everyone has a preference. There are those who go for sporting cars, because of their speed and interior designs. In most cases, a sports car is considered a car that favors young spirited personalities, since they are regarded as very adventurers, who will always compete for style and speed in a car. If you are old and you love sports car, there is no offense to this; however, you might be among the rare breed available today; who put comfort and modernity into consideration, before their family. Many old people will go for cars with space, considering that almost everyone who is old has a family. They, therefore, go for those cars; which are spacious, considering that weekends are always there, and they can easily use such a car to treat their family occasionally for an outing. That said, we can note that 6 passenger vehicles are the best when it comes to a family thing.

Gas Mileage Price Seats Safety Rating
1 Dodge Grand Caravan 21 mpg $22,595 6 5/5 10/10
2 Mazda5 24 mpg $19,940 6 4/5 9/10
3 Ford Flex 19 mpg $29,600 6 4/5 9/10
4 Buick Enclave 20 mpg $39,065 6 4/5 9/10
5 Acura MDX 23 mpg $43,015 6 4/5 8/10
6 Toyota Highlander Hybrid 27 mpg $47,870 6 4/5 8/10
7 GMC Acadia 20 mpg $30,975 6 4/5 8/10
8 Hyundai Santa Fe 23 mpg $24,950 6 4/5 8/10
9 Ford Explorer AWD 19 mpg $43,500 6 4/5 8/10

What you need to know about 6 passenger vehicles

These cars are designed to cater for both interior spaces and help you economize in your fuel usage. Even though fuel usage can perfectly be described with each model of a car, the truth is that these cars are better off, as compared to others, ones that are bigger and have a powerful car engine. They are described as good providers of cargo-carrying space, although, these cars’ capacity is not as large as that of a minivan. They are also characterized as the best cars that have higher driving positions as compared to passenger cars. Besides, these cars are found in varying amounts when it comes to towing capacity. With their seats arranged in three rows, they are able to host or serve six people comfortably. This said it is important to note that 6 passenger vehicles are designed to give you as a buyer a wider category to choose from, regarding; purpose, car type, traction the power or capability to handle off-road terrain. We have tried our best to come up with a list of the top 10 best 6 passenger vehicles to help individuals intending to buy one have an easier time doing so.

Before buying

Well, if you have ever dreamed of buying a car, you should understand that a car is one of those commodities you will not just wake up one day and go get it you need first to put some things in order. If you are a complete newbie in this area, these tips should set you off. You first need to understand the purpose or the need for that car. By need we mean, what are you exactly buying the car for In addition; make a second step of analyzing your finances. In most cases, 6 passenger vehicles are not mainly designed for carrying passengers, and so you must understand that you will be buying a liability. You will have to fuel it, and repair it so as to maintain it, and have it serve you as far as it can In this case, without proper budget, you might end up straining yourself, which might cause you to fall into financial crisis or even the worst part of it you can easily cause some misunderstandings in the family. That is why, it is worth seating down with your family, and analyze whether you actually need to buy some of these best 6 passenger vehicles available today or not If you want to understand these cars in length so as to make wise choices, here are their descriptions and ratings you should consider;

1. Best 6 Passenger Minivan – Dodge Grand Caravan

dodge grand caravan

Even though this car has no specific ranking, the truth is that many users rate it five stars. It is therefore among the best 6 passenger vehicles category because of its versatile seating as well as its cargo bay configurations. It is also very much affordable, compared to how it is designed. Owners of this car enjoy things such as;

  1. lts V-6 engine make,

  2. Dual sliding doors

  3. Chair that is handicap accessible

  4. Has good traction control

  5. Has powerful windows and also can enhance rear heating plus has air conditioning system. Only that its ride is not very smooth as its competitors and also it has limited driver legroom. Otherwise, it’s a good car.

2. Best 6 passenger vehicle with best gas mileage – Mazda5


The Mazda5 effortlessly blends large minivan capability with sports sedan agility. While it may not overwhelm the driver with bells and whistles, the Mazda5 lands on the 6 Best Passenger Vehicle board with the lowest projected five-year cost of ownership and makes every day errand running feel like a James Bond action sequence. In addition to the cost of ownership, the Mazda5 has a responsive throttle and the five-speed automatic transmission gets positive praise for its precise operation and willingness to downshift. The Mazda5 comes in three trim levels and has one of the best city mileages rating for a non-hybrid vehicle. While it’s considered a mini-van, it’s important to note that this vehicle handles and looks more like a cross-over SUV than a minivan and handles like a smaller and more agile car than an everyday minivan.

3. Ford Flex

ford flex

With a roomy and handsome interior, the Ford Flex finds itself among the 6 Best Passenger Vehicle options due in large part to the fact that the Flex has plenty of room for adults in all three rows. The Flexy’s boxy shape maximizes its storage space, which is above average in the Midsize SUV ranks. Standard features include satellite radio, a rearview camera with parking sensor, and voice command recognition with Bluetooth and Smartphone integration. Another selling point of the Ford Flex is the average cost is slightly lower among other Midsize SUVs. With three trim options, seating up to 7, & a 3.5 liter V6, engine, and the Ford Flex scores very highly on the Best 6 Passenger Vehicle scorecard.

4. Best 6 passenger vehicle with cargo space – Buick Enclave

buick enclave

This car is also ranked 6 in the Midsize SUVs, with a score of 8.4 out of 10. It has a perfect interior, with surfaces that are very soft with high-quality materials. Users remark this car to have spacious seating, well designed in three rows and also have a considerable amount of cargo space. Besides that, the car rides very smoothly and also quiet. Due to its spacious interior, it can host up to 8 people; when it comes to its safety, the car scores very high.

On its con side;

  1. This car has outdated climate and infotainment controls,

  2. And also at times buyers have lamented to finding wanting issues on the quality of the interior.

5. Best 6 passenger luxury vehicle – Acura MDX

acura mdx

This car is rated somewhere between one and five. Those who have used it have contented in giving it a five-star rating. It is designed specifically as performance enhancement when it comes to road handling, and also gives the same all weather advantages. Its forms and balance perfectly strike an impeccable balance.


  1. This car offers that premium comfort

  2. lt is convenient

6. Best 6 passenger hybrid – Toyota Highlander Hybrid

toyota highlander hybrid

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid has plenty of room for passengers, cargo, and anything in between. With the option of bucket seats to seat six, or a bench seat to seat seven, the Highlander will have room for anything and everything. Named US News’ Best Hybrid Sport Utility Vehicle for Families, the three bench rows of seating in the Toyota Highlander Hybrid can seat seven and has excellent fuel economy for a three-row SUV. Along with the hybrid powertrain, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid comes with a very lengthy list of standard features: power moon roof, tri-zone climate control that enables the driver to set separate temperatures for the driver, front passenger, and rear seats, and the redesigned 8-inch touch screen with Toyota’s Entune infotainment. The gasoline in a Toyota Highlander Hybrid will go farther than any other 6 Passenger Vehicle its size, and with two trim options, it’s easy to see why the Toyota Highlander Hybrid is ranked so high in the Best 6 Passenger Vehicle Competition.

7. GMC Acadia

gmc acadia

With a standard third-row bench seat, the GMC Acadia can accommodate up to 7 passengers. The GMC Acadia’s interior features, attractive styling and materials push this 6 Passenger Vehicle into near-luxury territory. The Acadia’s touch screen has large icons and will respond quickly to the driver’s commands. With five different trim options, the GMC Acadia is a good fit for any budget when looking for one of the best 6 passenger vehicles. The Acadia’s most innovative new feature is the standard rear-seat reminder to help the driver be mindful of precious cargo – human or otherwise – in the rear seats by reminding the driver to check the rear seat when the driver turns the vehicle off. This feature has proven to be ahead of its time and will likely be a standard feature for all cars in the very near future.

8. Best 6 passengers SUV – Hyundai Santa Fe

2017 hyundai santa fe

Among almost 18 Midsize SUVs, this car falls in number 6. In other words, it ranks number 6, and therefore it is noted to be among the best 6 passenger vehicles, dominating the market today.


  1. 1t has strong V6 engine,

  2. Has a length warranty,

  3. Has a very classy interior design

  4. Has very user-friendly technology.

Some of its main disadvantages are, it has less cargo capacity, as compared to others and also, it misses some other key driver safety mechanism. However, it’s a good car, worth your money; so you can go for it

9. Best 6 passenger AWD vehicle – Ford Explorer AWD

ford explorer sport

Critics love the authority delivered by the turbocharged V6 engine and have fantastic things to say about the SYNC3 Infotainment unit that is both responsive and highly intuitive. With four trim options and equipment packages to add, the Ford Explorer AWD may be the most customizable Midsize SUV on the 6 Best Passenger Vehicle list. The Explorer also has some unique and very subtle options in the trunk area of the vehicle… if someone’s hands are full and they need into the cargo hold, they can simply waive their foot underneath the rear bumper to open the hatch, and once actually inside the vehicle, the second third row seats fold completely and unbelievably flat, making loading large items a breeze without having to shift move luggage, suitcases, or boxes. With three engine choices and a Five-Star Overall Crash Test rating, the Explorer makes a great fit on the 6 Best Passenger Vehicle list.

The Findings: The Best 6 Passenger Vehicles on this list are just that; literally the best! Safety, features, entertainment when more than enough seating is needed and more options that are impossible to count are important, this is the ultimate guide to remember. It’s important to remember that not all cars are created equally, and when thinking of the Best 6 Passenger Vehicle options, each and every car needs to be looked at individually. Some things to consider: – Do all of the seats fold down? – If the seats fold down, are they powered down or manually changed? – Which are better, bucket seats or benches? Some of these questions are easier to answer and some decisions are easier to make than others, but thankfully the Best 6 Passenger Vehicles all answer these questions in some form or fashion.

There are several 6 Passenger Vehicles in the marketplace today, but the ones on this list consistently ranked highest among their competitors and stood out for various reasons; trim options, entertainment options, safety, and reliability. Buying a car can be stressful, taxing, and at some points, frustrating. Whether the safety of the car, the reliability, or the entertainment options are the most important when buying a car, the GMC Acadia, Mazda5, Ford Flex, Ford Explorer, & the Toyota Highlander Hybrid all make up 5 of the 6 Best Passenger Vehicles on the market. While they all complement each other in different categories, some are better in certain categories than others. When it’s time to start considering to buy a 6 Passenger Vehicle, it’s always a great idea to start with the best!