How to Clean a Baby Car Seat

A baby car seat is a wise investment as it helps keep your child safe while traveling. However, these seats have to go through a lot, spills, vomits, and also poops. You may clean the surface then and there, but that is not enough. If you want the seats to be safe, germs and bacteria free, and thus fit to be used by your baby, you need to clean it thoroughly at least once in a while. But, how do you clean a baby car seat in a perfect way? This perhaps is a question now running in your mind. So, continue reading to discover some helpful tips.

1. The owner’s manual is a must read

First and foremost you thoroughly need to read the baby car seat’s owner manual. The manual will offer you all necessary details on how you should clean the car seat. You need to follow the given instructions carefully to make sure you are not compromising on your baby’s safety and also to make certain that you are not doing anything that will make you lose the warranty.

2. Remove the seat from the car

Now, you need to take the seat out of your car and keep it in an area where you get enough light, it can be your driveway or the garage, just any place with the right light. Place a towel and keep the car seat over it. This is to ensure the area does not get damaged while you are cleaning, and also to make sure the bottom of the seat does not experience any scrapes.

3. Start by vacuum cleaning

The first thing you need to do is vacuum clean the seat to get rid of any dry particles, small bits of food, and other such things. A vacuum cleaner will help you reach every small corner of the seat. You can use your vacuum’s attachment to reach even the difficult areas.

4. Be careful while machine washing

If it is not mentioned in your manual you should never machine wash the seat covers or use the dryer. However, if the manual allows you to do so, even then you need to be very careful and use only the “hand wash” or “delicate” settings.

5. Cleaning the straps

The straps of the seat should not be immersed in a bucket or tub of water, and nor should you wash them in the washing machine. All you need to do is dip a cloth in warm water and use it to clean the straps. Never use soap of any kind. In fact, if you go through the car seat owner’s manual carefully, you will find it being mentioned that no soap should be used on the seat straps. If, however, the straps have become too dirty then you need to simply replace them.

6. Cleaning the removable cover

If you can remove your car seat cover, then firstly take a photo of it and then remove it. This will help you keep it back in the right position after the cleaning is complete. Now hand wash the cover with the help of mild soap and cold water. Spread the seat cover on a flat surface or you may hang it out on your clothing line to let it dry. Once it is dry you can put the cover back on the seat following the photo you had earlier taken, and the seat is ready to be used again.