Where Should I Install My Child’s Car Seat?

Where should I install my child’s car seat?

Which spot is safest?

These and many others are some of the questions about car safety tips ours readers have been asking since the start of this year. We have given the best answer you can get from experts. Read on to learn more.

Where Should I Install My Child’s Car Seat?

There are four positions in your vehicle where you can install your booster seat. Just keep in mind that the position you choose entirely depends on factors such as the state laws and regulations, your child’s age, whether you plan to monitor your kid while driving and much more. Learn more about each position below.

1. Front passenger seat

Should you plan to monitor your sick kid while driving, the most convenient place to install the seat is in the shotgun seat also known as the front passenger seat. However, this front spot is not the safest. Furthermore, it is not recommended to drive while monitoring your kid at the same time. This is likely to cause some distractions or accidents. If you want to keep an eye on your kid for any reason, let an adult passenger travel with him or her in the back seats.

2. Middle rear seat

The safest spot in the back to place your booster seat is the middle rear seat also known as the back center seat. The reason for this is that this spot is located far away from the vehicle’s back doors. Some middle rear seats are designed with lap-only belts while others come with 3 point belts. So when purchasing the child car seat, determine whether it will be compatible with your vehicle’s rear seat.

3. Rear seat behind the driver

You can also install your booster seat in the rear seat found immediately behind the driver seat. This is the most preferred position for drivers who like parking their cars with the driver’s door facing away from the wall or pavement. The only problem with this side is that your kid enters or leaves the car on the road side.

4. Behind the front passenger

This spot is also recommended because it is found in the opposite side away from the road. This allows you to safely move your kid into the car or get them out. Whatever spot you choose to install the booster seat, just ensure it is fixed securely and correctly.

Which Spot Is Safest?

As stated earlier, the safest spot in your car to position your booster seat is in the back side in the center. Here, there is a less direct impact during head-on collision accidents or impacts caused by side collision.

What does research say

A research study that was conducted in the United States found that kids aged between 0-3 years who sit in the center of the rear seats are 43 percent safer than those sitting on the sides. The same study also found that passengers who sit in the middle rear seat have 13 percent increased chances of survival compared to those sitting on other positions.

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