Why Is Rear Facing 5 Times Safer For Your Kid?

What’s the most secure option for your child car seat? Rear facing or front facing? A set of guidelines by American Academy of Pediatrics in April 2011 recommends that children must be rear facing until the age of 2. Also, an Injury Prevention article in 2007 says that children of 1-2 years are five times safer while rear facing than front facing for side impact crashes. So why is that so? Let’s find out.

Why is rear facing five times safer?

When facing forward, any force pulls the head of a kid away from the neck joint too violently. Now, for the same amount of force, a rear facing child bears a lot lesser pull off of the head. The kid in this position is more cribbed to the seat and risk of injury is less. When compared to the pull a child absorbs while rear facing is about five times lesser than when forward facing. So thus rear facing makes it five times safer and easier for toddlers.

Rear facing for better leg safety

Rear-facing position befits the best for the kids of very young age. Now, if you doubt that this can hurt their legs, here’s a fact. The joints of children until the age of two is much flexible. They fit themselves in any positions and are easy and comfy as well. These kids would be happy in any weird manner without any complaints, and that isn’t possible for even the best gymnasts you have known. So this way your toddler has no issue sitting rear facing and spreading his limbs in all the directions. Forward facing comparatively is a lot more prone position for leg injuries.

You can keep your kid entertained

Rear facing ride is the best way to keep your child amused. If your kid can reach above the back seat, the world gets exposed for viewing. The kid then would be able to enjoy the most exotic and rich scenes from the back window. On the other hand, when facing front, the child’s view gets total blockage owing to the front seats. So while your baby enjoys the views through the back window, you can keep them engaged by playing melodious songs as well.

How long should a kid be facing the rear?

Researchers claim that the rear facing position is the most secure option not just for the babies but each of us. So the experts recommend that every kid must be seated in potentially the safest position, and that’s the rear facing one. So the advice would be to make your child seated rear-facing to the point of their age it’s possible doing so. It’s important for them at least until the age of two, and you can continue with it even till four or five years depending on the height of your kid.


So here we learn a very crucial point for injury protection of our children while traveling in our family car. Kids seated front facing are five times more prone to injury as compared to rear facing. Ensure your kid’s safety and seat them facing the backs.

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