Why Does Third-Row Seating Really Matter So Much?

A lot of cars have graced us with their existence and overall presence, ever since the first automobile hit the roads and showed exactly what it can do and all the good things it can offer. Back then, it was just a matter of getting from point A to point B efficiently and fast. Nowadays, however, advancements in science and technology have been able to uphold the same levels of mobility, and still leave plenty of room to allow a few changes here and there to take effect. Over the years, automobiles have undergone a massive change that has completely revolutionized the way we perceive them.

Currently, it’s a matter of which one is stylish enough, fast enough, rugged enough, has the most space, and what not; car lovers and enthusiasts always have something, a preference, that makes their wish lists longer every day in anticipation of the next automobile that’s due to hit the market. In that respect, a lot of fuss usually develops when third-row seating in SUVs becomes the main topic of discussion. In the minds of those people who find it a big issue, an SUV with a two-row seating arrangement doesn’t quite match up with that one, which has a third row included.

As a matter of fact, even the newest sports utility vehicle with a two-row seating arrangement doesn’t stand a chance where there is one with the alternative 3-row seating in place. Take an example of the Lexus RX. Contrary to what Lexus thinks, the RX is downgraded greatly due to the fact it doesn’t have a third-row seating arrangement. So, it begs the question: why does third-row seating really matter so much?

The concept behind it

In order to understand why the third-row seating matters so much, let’s think outside the box and open our minds to the possibilities. Right off the bat, having an extra third row in the back translates to a bigger car altogether; and bigger is better as far as an SUV is concerned. Let’s face it, an SUV without that much room doesn’t quite complete the hallmark of it being one. It should be able to accommodate various items, luggage and people all at once on the go without much fuss. On top of all the firepower for on-road or off-road travel, it should have sufficient room to go with it, no? 6 passenger vehicles and 7 passenger vehicles are the best kind of family SUVs.

Then again, people are known to buy things they don’t need, the same case applies here. There are different gadgets, phones, laptops, even TVs, that have way too much capabilities beyond our usual day-to-day uses. Each of these has different aspects that make them quite unique, therefore, more favorable to own as compared to others in the same category. Just the thought of the applications, and what you can do if you had that unique aspect as your own puts things into much perspective, and that’s why people will always go for that. That is no different with SUVs with third-row seating.

Undoubtedly, SUVs, which have that unique aspect are considered more favorable to those that lack it entirely. What if the situation called for you to transport a considerable amount of items and components, or carry a larger number of people more than the normal count, preferably your family, somewhere? You can roll down the third-row seat to create more cargo space, or just leave it up to accommodate the extra number of passengers required. Why does the third-row seating really matter so much? The possibilities are countless. It’s what makes the casual car shopper opt for a Toyota Highlander instead of a Lexus RX. The third-row seating is the one that makes up for the best 6 passenger vehicles, 7 passenger vehicles, and overall, the best family SUV.