5 Best US Cities for Family Travel

The best way to spend quality time with your family is to go out on a vacation. The first thing that you need to consider while deciding upon a family vacation is the destination. You have to choose a place that has all the features to keep everyone in your family happy and content. Here we will discuss about the five best cities in US for family travel.

Portland, Oregon

This is the one city in the US that can make your vacation really very fulfilling. This city can be categorized under far from the madding crowds where you can take rest in the bewildering beauty of nature. The Oregon Zoo which houses pink flamingos will definitely be a favourite place for your kids. You can also visit the Oregon Museum of Science and industry. Another place that you will surely fall in love with is the Portland Japanese Garden. This can be one of the places that you can travel with your family and make the most of your holiday. The best part of this city is its transportation which is quite cheap and well connected. So there is practically no need for you to spend thousands of dollars on a private cab. You will surely love to spend one whole day at Portland’s Farmers Market which will be very delighting experience for your kids and whole family.

San Diego

This city is definitely going to impress you and your family if you went there for a holiday with its wonderful weather. Apart from this the city has one of the world’s best parks the Balboa park where you can take your family for a picnic. You will also be thrilled to visit the zoo and the fourteen museums that this city proudly treasures. Your kids will surely love the Nat San Diego Natural History Museum and the San Dieago Air and Space Museum. You will also be able to unwind and relax at the pristine beaches this city has to offer. So if you want to go on a vacation the San Diego is definitely going to be the best place to visit. Your kids will surely love the animatronics dinosaurs at the national History Museum. If you want to enjoy the tide pools then you can go to the famous Cabrillo National Monument which will really make a memorable trip for your whole family. If your kids are interested in science then you can surely show them the quirky, hands on science exhibits at the Science centre which they will thoroughly enjoy.

Washington DC

The famous destination spots of this city include The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History which is well known for the dinosaurs and the National Air and Space Museum and the National Museum of American history. Another very popular place where tourists love to visit is the National portrait gallery in Chinatown. With so many places to visit this city can be a favourite place for family vacation. The best part of this city is that almost all the family friendly attractions are free so you can go anywhere you want to and enjoy without thinking about money. If you went to the famous zoo with your family then you will get an opportunity to see 2000 animals along with pandas. At the National Portrait gallery in Chinatown you and your family will get the chance to see the portraits of the presidents.



You can visit this city and go to the three to four theme parks which are the main attractions of this city. In addition to this you can also visit the Disney’s Animal kingdom which is famous for the night time entertainment and enjoy an evening safari. If you want to escape the heat you can visit the water park along with the Sea World’s Aquatica and Disney’s blizzard Beach. You can take your family to the Orlando Science centre, the Orlando Eye which has been modelled after the London Eye or the lake Eola. The Princesses have a chance to enjoy at the Frozen Ever After ride in Epcot. If you have kids who are very fond of super heroes then they visit the two theme parks that have superheroes as their themes. Your kids can also take a ride on the swan boats an lake Eola And can have a fun time with the ducks.

New York City

You will surely love to take your family to the famous New York city where they will get the chance to see the statue of Liberty. The other famous places you need to visit if you went to New York include the American Museum of natural History and the Museum Of modern Art. You must keep one day reserved to visit the Central Park where you can walk around the zoo. The other major attractions of this city are the Never land, Disney’s Alladin, and The Wicked. The Brooklyn Botanic garden is another place where you can take your family for a wonderful picnic.

These are the five cities that you can take your family on a vacation. All these five places are extremely popular places and they will help you and your family to relax and enjoy to the fullest. None of these places are too expensive so you can visit these places and stay at comfortable hotels. These five cities are very famous for their night life so you can take your family for outings in the night as well. The transportation systems of all these five cities are well developed and you can go to far off places and get back to your hotel on time. All these five cities have a wide range of restaurants where you and your family can enjoy sumptuous food. If you go to any of these five cities with your family you will surely enjoy every moment of your stay there and the memories will forever remain planted in your memories. So what are you waiting for choose one city and make the necessary preparations for a family vacation.